Treasure Island Search! Islands now Searchable!

Treasure Island Item Search

Hi friends! Happy to announce that all islands are now searchable using my new Treasure Island Item Search Lookup Tool! JL4RGE (my husband) and I have painstakingly recorded each item, line by line, on the islands, and added them to a searchable index with location acre. The location acre lines up with the coordinates on the in-game map you can view when you arrive to one of my islands. I hope you enjoy this new Treasure Island Search, and if you have any suggestions and you are a member, let me know on Discord in the members-only chat or island help area!

Did I mention that I added a schedule page so you’ll know when my free treasure island stream sessions are live?! Check it out if you are interested in free treasure islands!

Join my Discord!! I occasionally now host Treasure Islands pre-shows! check out the free treasure islands announcement channel for when islands are live! Sign up for the free treasure island pings in #✨role-call to be ping when islands are live!


New Feature: Treasure Island Item Search Lookup Tool

While exploring a treasure island can be fun, sometimes, you just want to find the specific item on your wishlist as quickly as possible. I’ve created maps that tell you the general area an item can be found, but sometimes it’s hard to know what item belongs to a certain category. That’s where my new tool, the Treasure Island Item Search, will help you!

All the items on the islands are being indexed, one by one, so that you you want a plain ordinary cushion, for example, you can just type “cushion” into the tool to find the specific location of that item on which treasure island. This will save you time of wandering the aisles, wondering where that elusive cushion could be hiding…

Currently I have three of the six treasure islands indexed: Hocus Pocus, Cat Land, and Pile of Cats. I’ll be adding the additional three islands as soon as they’re finished being indexed for your convenience.

You can find the treasure island item search lookup tool here, or under the Treasure Island menu > Item Search. I hope this feature makes navigating my treasure islands even easier!

If you encounter any issues with this tool, please don’t hesitate to let me know. The islands are being indexed manually by me and my husband. I’d love to hear your suggestions for the tool as I coded it myself from scratch as well. 😊 You can contact me on my discord server.

ACNH Treasure Islands Memberships

Hi! I’m happy to share a new way to gain access to my ACNH treasure islands. You can subscribe directly to my Discord server to gain the Treasure Island Member role via this link: This is cheaper way to subscribe and support the animal crossing treasure islands if you don’t need the YouTube perks (emotes & shoutouts in vids) or Twitch perks (emotes & ad free viewing). With this new method, we’re phasing out server boosting as a method of gaining access to the ACNH treasure islands. Discord does not share any of the revenue with its creators outside of their partner program. We’ve been denied partnership a few times despite exceeding the minimum criteria, so we prefer to move these memberships over to Mee6 which has a more fair split for their creators. Thank you for understanding! For current server boosters @Server Booster , we’ll be keeping island access open for boosters with an active boost until March 31st, 2022. After that, server booster role won’t have access to the treasure areas.
Please never feel pressured to subscribe – I will continue to stream the free treasure islands sessions check: ✨schedule📆 for times. Thank you everyone who hangs out and chats with us. Our community has grown bigger than I ever thought it would. I appreciate every one who joins! Thank you everyone!! Streaming and hosting these treasure islands has made a hard year bearable.

12 Days of Christmas – Looking for YOUR Festive Islands! Animal Crossing

Festive season is in full swing, and so many of our Animal Crossing New Horizons islands are starting to look so Christmasy! I’m looking to tour some Christmas Animal Crossing dream addresses for an upcoming series, 12 Days of Christmas! If you have a festive island (or a winter vibe), feel free to submit to me! Please fill in my form if you’re interested in participating!

I’ll be recording myself touring your islands and posting it on my YouTube channel Pange Plays. I’ll record either dedicated tours (for complete islands) or a compilation video for festive areas if you don’t have a full festive island! I’ll include credit to you with a shoutout to your channels/socials/etc, plus direct links in pinned comment and description! Be sure to fill in all the details in the form so that I can provide the proper link outs.

I can’t wait to visit your Christmas Animal Crossing islands!

In this season of giving, I’m also happy to announce we’re hosting another treasure island giveaway on our Discord server!

We are giving away 1 month access to the Treasure Islands to some lucky winners! Just post a screenshot of what you’re up to on ACNH in #treasure-island-screenshot-contest the more people who enter the more winners will be drawn. Share the event link to get friends to enter too! Treasure island access will be granted in the form of a custom role that unlocks the members-only! Let’s see what’s new on your islands!

Pange Plays Merch Store Launch

I’m happy to announce the opening of my official Pange Plays merch store! ✨ I’ve been making some designs for myself so I can wear them while I stream, but I’ve been asked from time to time in my live chats if I had a store. So far, I have made 3 designs! This store is powered by StreamElements, and it’s linked to my Twitch channel, so if you are a Twitch sub and logged in, you’ll get a merch discount! Please don’t feel obligated to buy anything but feel free to check it out.

Pange Plays Merch Store Options

About the Designs

  • The first design features my channel name with a pattern overlay of my signature purple sparkles and with my logo character subtly in the background.
  • The second design features my opinion of treasure islands: creative mode, unlocked! I love that Animal Crossing treasure islands allow us to access items that we may otherwise take years to unlock. Similar to Minecraft creative, sometimes it just feels SO GOOD to just play with the items and decorate to our heart’s content.
  • The last design is about our collective treasure island struggle: people crashing the island by leaving via the minus button. It’s the airport or else!

If you have any suggestions on future designs, please let me know.

I’m so excited about these. Let me know if you check them out and what you think!

Reminder: This store is powered by StreamElements, and it’s linked to my Twitch channel, so if you are a Twitch sub and logged in, you’ll get a merch discount! Thanks for supporting my treasure islands!

StreamElements Clothing Washing Instructions

We recommend washing the shirt and hoodie as follows:

  • insideout with cold water
  • low tumble dry setting

With proper care, prints will usually last for years to come. Hot water and high dryer heat are not recommended.   

Wash inside out in cold water (low temp). Avoid using fabric softener in the first 2-3 washes. Tumble dry on low (or hang dry for best results).

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Map Changes

As of today, I have six magical Switches hosting five different Animal Crossing New Horizons maps! I just wanted to let you know that our previous four maps are back up and running and the Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0 island map is on two Switches, Pangea and Nameless. With the update hype, I had four of the islands with the 2.0 map, but we’re back to regular ACNH maps now! I’m working on a new 2.0 focused map for Nameless, so once that’s aready, I’ll swap it out as well.

Here’s a quick preview of the five maps. Be sure to click or tap through to see the full size maps and what’s on each one!

If you’re a member on my Discord server, I have a #map-suggestions channel where you can make requests for specific item sets you want me to include on the new map! Currently I’m focusing on getting all the new 2.0 clothing on it, plus themed decor sets like Elegant, etc. Once that’s done, I’ll be revisiting Pangea’s 2.0 map to optimize flow there and remove items that are easily customizable by you.

Another amazing suggestion I received was having dropped trees at various points in their life cycle. It’s not 2.0 update related, but I’ll include that on Nameless as well.

You are also welcome to comment here with your suggestions!

Thank you to to everyone who has become a member of the channel, whether through Twitch or YouTube! Thanks for your support.

Treasure Island 2.0 Updates: Major Map Improvements

Animal Crossing Treasure island 2.0 updates are here! I’m happy to announce that my six ACNH treasure islands are back up and running at full capacity after the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update launched!

To celebrate, we’ve transformed four of the islands into a special 2.0 update map. This map has the bulk of the new items. It’s absolutely incredible the amount of new content we have now that version 2.0 is here! Here is a summary of which maps are version 2.0 focused and which are 1.0 focused:

View all my current maps here!

FROGGY CHAIR HYPE Did you know it comes in multiple colours? You can get them all on my 2.0 treasure island maps!

Treasure Island 2.0 Future Plans

Since the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update hype is incredibly real right now, I’ve swapped four of the islands to the 2.0 map. However, this map doesn’t quite cover all items. Nintendo included an amazing 9000+ items (including variations) that they released with 2.0 and the DLC! WOW! I plan to work on a second version of the 2.0 map, which will cover any item sets that are missed on the existing map – including the version 2.0 clothing. Have you seen that teddy bear backpack?! If you have any suggestions for the maps, feel free to let me know on Discord. When the demand for 2.0 specific islands die down, we’ll swap back two of the 2.0 islands back to the Pile of Cats decor map and the Supernova clothing map.

Thank you to all the members who have made these islands possible! 💖

For 24/7 Access Check This Page


Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update is here

ACNH Treasure Island Updates

EDIT: 2.0 Treasure Islands are live

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update items are here! I’m currently reworking the maps to feature the new 2.0 update items. As a status update, my 6 treasure islands are waiting patiently for updated backend software to support the update, so automatic resetting dodo codes and villager injections are offline until they can be updated. As soon as the update drops for them, my husband and I will be working to update the islands ASAP! Thank you for your patience. We are just as hyped as you are and want to get the items and new villagers into your hands!

Which Animal Crossing Treasure 2.0 Update islands are live?

I currently have two treasure islands live for you since I’m doing manual dodo codes and manual resets. We are live with 2 islands: Pangea and Nameless, both available on the members-only area of my Discord server! Pangea and Nameless both have new maps with 2.0 update items. These items include:

  • Froggy Chairs!
  • Castle Towers, Walls, Gates
  • Plaza Decor Items
  • ALL DIYS, including old and new DIYs. You MAY learn on the island as long as you close your nook phone when people try to come or go. DO NOT BLOCK PEOPLE WITH DIY LEARNING.
  • The new Short Simple Panels + old Tall Simple Panels – approx 40 of each colour available
  • New Nook Mile Redemption items
  • Vine Decor items
  • Glowing Moss Decor items

The map is currently a work in progress, so throughout the day today, I’ll be updating the map! I can’t wait to share all the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update datamined items with you!

Pangea and Nameless are currently available on the members-only area of my Discord server! Pangea and Nameless both have new maps with 2.0 update items. You learn all about becoming a member here on the treasure island page! Once the updated software is available for our switches, we’ll get the remaining 4 islands up and running too, with the maps you know and love! You can check out the maps here.

6 Animal Crossing Treasure Islands?!

I had a stretch goal of 140 Twitch subs and we reached goal! SO MUCH HYPE! Thank you for your support everyone. It’s with your help that I’m able to maintain these islands. I’ve added the 6th treasure island, currently nameless. It couldn’t have come at a better time with the 2.0 update upon us!

12 Hour Livestream 3000 YouTube Subscriber Celebration

Hey everyone! This week, I reached 3000 subscribers on YouTube – I think it’s sticking! I’m so appreciative of your support and I’m having so much fun with you all. On Halloween, I’ll be doing a 12 hour livestream, 6AM EST to 6PM EST! Primarily, I’ll be hunting for villagers for Willow, my new lake & forest themed island. I’ll be giving out PangeBells for bingo lines. The first person to fill their bingo board will win access to my treasure islands for free for one month! Between hunting, as breaks we’ll play some other games like Mario Kart, Minecraft, Words on Stream, etc! Hope to see you there! Here is the link to the stream – if you miss it, a replay will be available!

Villager Hunting on Willow: Who Are We Hunting For?

I’ll be hunting for villagers for my naturecore / forest theme / lake themed Animal Crossing New Horizons island! You’ll notice that these villagers look like they would fit perfectly as cabins in the woods. Here are some of the villagers I’ll be hunting! (Thank you to Animal Crossing World for the source images of the screenshots below!)

Obviously I have too many normals and too many jocks….I wonder who will will find first?!

I have one dreamie on my island so far – look at Erik! Isn’t he perfect for Willow?

Erik – Lazy Villager Animal Crossing New Horizons

Thank you for joining my on my hunt and hope to see you there! I’ll be hosting the 12 hour livestream on both YouTube and Twitch, and the 12 hour livestream on Twitch will feature the dodo codes for my treasure islands.

Added New ACNH Treasure Island!

To celebrate the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update I had to buy another ACNH Treasure Island switch! The Animal Crossing Treasure Islands are open for free to the community during Twitch and YouTube streams! I have a feeling we are gonna needed the new Switch for more room for all the new items! I cannot believe this update, can you? The 2.0 Update is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to buy the Happy Home Paradise DLC!

The New ACNH Treasure Island is named Nameless at the moment. Nameless is a copy of Hocus Pocus for now. Eventually it will be updated with the new items. You can help name the Nameless island on Discord in #✨treasure-island-name-contest Jump on discord and lets hear your ideas!

I also added a page for the Minecraft Servers so if ya want to play and build together jump on the server 🙂